School and Community groups are invited to request the World War II Traveling Footlocker now available through the Museum. The footlocker program focuses on different aspects of World War II and is available throughout the calendar year. The footlocker contains authentic artifacts (NO weapons, ammunition, ordinance, etc.!), exhibit materials and activities that can be used to supplement WWII history learned in the classroom. The footlocker can be picked up, or the Museum Curator will bring it to your location; optionally, he can explore its contents with the participants, and guide the group in discussion. Currently, we have trunks available focusing on the WWII theme, but are planning footlockers/trunks covering the Civil War, World War I, and Vietnam. Contact the Museum for more information on this service that is offered at no cost to local schools and community groups (Note the footlocker can be reserved for up to two weeks at a time).

  To better accommodate your request, a minimum of two weeks advance notice is requested. Unfortunately, due to time and staffing constraints, we will not be able to honor all requests, but we will do our best to meet the needs of your group. The footlocker is provided at no cost; however, please be within 100 miles/2 hours of Dayton, Ohio if requesting delivery of a footlocker.

* To facilitate your request, please include the following information with your request and we will contact you as soon as possible:

Schedule, date, and time
Audience profile (age, topics of interest, any preparation or relevant activities taking place prior to the event, etc.)
Name, phone number, and e-mail address of program coordinator

* To request a footlocker:
E-mail: curator@mvmhm.com
Phone: (937) 318-8820

* The footlocker contents consist of (note this is only a partial list of items):

Period magazines
Ration books
Recorded materials
Compact discs with period music
Teacher's Guide/lesson plan - turn your students into history detectives as they explore the origins and uses of these real pieces of WWII history!

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