Our "Wish Lists"

       Nothing is too small or insignificant. We can also use items that you may feel are too damaged or worn out to restore other pieces. Specific items on our "wish list" are:

Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Mexican-American War, Civil War, Spanish-American War, Mexican Border Expedition: Anything!

World War I:

U.S. Air Service, Navy, and Marine Corps uniforms

Model 1911 .45 pistol

Model 1903 Springfield rifle and parts

Model 1917 Enfield rifle and parts

Model 1914 Hotchkiss Machine Gun ammunition box

U.S. trench boots

German and Austrian uniforms

German "Kratchen" soft hat with insignia

German enlisted and officer's picklehaube ("Spike helmet", Infantry or Artillery)

German, Austrian, and Hungarian medals and insignia

German Model 98n/a ("Butcher") sawback bayonet with teeth intact

German Mauser Model 98 rifle

German P08 "Luger" pistol

German steel helmets

Imperial German and Prussian flags

American and German "hate belts"

World War II:

German uniforms and headgear

German medals and insignia

German M24 stick grenade (inert only)

German P08 (Luger) pistol

German P38 pistol

Italian uniforms and headgear of any type

Italian medals and insignia

Italian Carcano rifle

Italian Berretta pistol

Japanese uniforms and headgear

Japanese Imperial Navy helmet

Japanese "last ditch" bayonet and scabbard

Japanese medals and insignia

Japanese "Rising Sun" (rayed) flag

Japanese Nambu or Type 94 pistols

Japanese swords

US Marine herringbone twill uniform

US Marine M1 helmet with cover

Army Air Forces flight suit

Army Air Forces A14 oxygen mask

Army Air Forces leather flight gear

Nuremberg / Tokyo War Crimes Trials items

Any Pearl Harbor Purple Heart

US field gear

US medals and insignia

M-1 carbine

M-1 Garand

Model 1911 .45 pistol

500 pound practice bombs

Korean War:

North Korean and Chinese uniforms and headgear

North Korean and Chinese flags

North Korean and Chinese medals and insignia

US uniforms, any branch

US Air Force jet pilots flight helmet

US headgear, any type

US medals and insignia



NVA and VC uniforms and headgear

NVA and VC field gear

NVA and VC medals and insignia

NVA and VC weapons

NVA and VC photographs

Viet Cong flag

South Vietnamese flag

"Ho Chi Minh Slicks" (sandals)

"Beercan" insignia

Zippo lighter with insignia

US claymore mine and/or "clacker", inert only

US "tiger stripe" uniform

US Army Green Beret with insignia

US field gear, any type

US helicopter crewman's helmet

US medals and insignia

US photographs and award documents

Operation BABYLIFT materials

Cold War:

Operation CROSSROADS material

Soviet officer's uniform, any type

Soviet Bloc medals and insignia

Soviet Bloc field gear, any type

East German officers brocade belt and buckle

East German officers dress dagger

US Berlin Brigade uniform, any type

Military Operations Other Than War (MOOTW):

US Marines in Beruit

Operation URGENT FURY materials (Grenada)

Operation JUST CAUSE materials (Panama)

IFOR / Bosnia materials

Persian Gulf War:

Iraqi uniforms, any type

Iraqi medals and insignia

US uniforms, any type


Iraqi uniforms, any type

Iraqi medals and insignia

Saddam Fedayeen helmet

Iraqi beret, any branch

Large Iraqi flag with gold fringe

US Marine Corp "marpat" battle dress uniform, desert pattern

Meals, Ready To Eat (MREs, unopened or individual packets)

US field gear, any type

If you would like to contribute to preserving, honoring, and publicly displaying our veterans histories please e-mail us at curator@mvmhm.com. Thanks for your support!

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